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BEING: Digs Deeper Into Intriguing People and Topics.

BEING: takes you behind the scenes with interesting people like Minnesota Head Coach P.J. Fleck and Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach Bret Bielema as they experience life moments both big and small.  In BEING: Season 1 and 2, we’ve been able to capture their lives up close in a very real and personal way. This is an unprecedented behind-the scenes-peek at what it looks like to be a coach in college sports today!

What People Are Saying About Season One!

“People say that Bielema looks like the kind of guy they would like to hang out with. This series will give you a taste of what that’s like. The style is part reality TV and part documentary as you’ll see plenty of real-life moments intertwined throughout the story of who Bielema is, what he’s about and where he came from.” — Mike McKinnis, Executive Producer


“He says what we wish we could say when someone sticks a mic in our face.” — Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated


“What he is saying is what has been outlawed for coaches to say.” — Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports

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