SPORTS TALK PODCAST: Callers respond to Jeff Long fired as Arkansas AD

News broke this morning that the Univeristy of Arkansas would be parting ways with althetic director Jeff Long. Long’s firing comes after the Univeristy of Arkansas Board of Trustees met last week. The meeting sparked rumors that Long’s job was in immediate danger and eventually led to today’s events.

Long’s firing doesn’t stem from one problem or wrongdoing. He has done some great things for the program in his nine years at Arkansas. But eventually, the bads outweigthed the good, leading to his departure.

His hire of Mike Anderson has the basketball program back on track and looking towards a promising season. He was also an outstanding fundraiser and a great leader. On the other hand, factors like the hire of John L. Smith and the handling of Bret Bielema’s buyout, amongst other things, accumulated over time.

Fans are split on how they feel about the situation. Some fans are excited to see what the future hold under the new leadership, whoever that may be. Others don’t think firing Long was the right move at all. Long has a great resume and is a national media favorite. Only time will tell if this was the right move or not.

Bret Bielema’s seat seems to be getting even hotter now that Long is out. While Bielema’s job was already in jeopardy before, this move hints that the university wants to clean house and start fresh. However, with the number of head coaching openings across the SEC and college football as high as they are expected to be, a coaching search for Arkansas could be difficult.

There has been loads on input on what fans want to see in their new althetic director. But one of the biggest traits fans want to see is a tie to the state of Arkansas. No one quite understands the culture at Arkansas like someone who has lived it and been raised in it. Will the university go after a product of the Natural State, or will they reach for an outsider to lead going forward?