SPORTS TALK PODCAST: Is Arkansas better off without Jeff Long?

Fans have not been shy since the firing of Jeff Long. People have differing opinions all across the fanbase, and everyone is making their voice heard. With Bret Bielema’s seat getting hotter, it appears that he and Arkansas will part ways at the end of the season. How far does all of this set back Arkansas? And was it the best move for the future of the program?

Jeff Long was loved by student-athletes and coaches throughout the athletic department. Social media has been filled with posts and pictures thanking Long for everything he did for them and the university as a whole. Long did an excellent job in lots of different areas, but the recent woes of the football program were the deciding factor in his dismissal.

So how does this move work for the program? Is the athletic department better off moving past Jeff Long or did they make a mistake letting him go? Today’s callers voice their opinions on what they think about the move and how they think the program will move forward.

Ron in Midland represents the side of Razorback fans that do not approve of the move. According to Ron, the program is not better off than they were three days ago and will struggle to find someone who can do a better job than Long.

Alan in Springdale doesn’t like all of the power that boosters seem to have within the university. Money is power, and he believes that saying applies to this situation. With that being said, how much input do you think boosters deserve within the university?

Finally, Phillip in Fayetteville is excited about the new look for the Hogs. With a change in leadership, the program gets a chance to start with a clean slate. This shake-up could be exactly what the Razorbacks need to build a powerful program going forward.