About Spirit 52

Inspiring High School Students to What’s Possible.

Spirit 52 is a weekly feature story connected to the high school community in Arkansas. This series is meant to recapture the real spirit of sports in its purest form. From the cheerleader who made 3,400 handwritten cards on Valentines Day for every student in her school, to the young man who tried football for the first time as a sophomore and now has SEC scholarship offers. These stories will be about communities and volunteers who have impacted so many in a positive way.

One story will be released each week with a pre-promotional build up so you know what’s coming. Stories are posted here at sport&story and on multiple social media platforms. Spirit 52 will also be announcing contests for high school students who are gifted story tellers and want to participate. Spirit 52 will inspire you, it will encourage you, and it will motivate you to see our kids in a more positive light.

Got a story or a question? Just email Zach Arns at