Razorbacks stuck in historic rut

Is this a new low for Arkansas’ football program?

By Bart Pohlman

When Arkansas lost its fourth game of the season—a 41-9 shellacking at the hands of Alabama in Tuscaloosa—the Hogs clinched a sixth-straight season without hitting the nine-win mark.

If you go back in time through Arkansas’ SEC football history, every six-year interval until now has included at least one season of nine-plus wins. But if you go even further back, the full picture of the rut Arkansas finds itself in gets painted.

This is Arkansas’ first six-year stretch without a nine-win season or at least a share of a conference title since 1940-45. Think about that: This is the first time Arkansas hasn’t had at least one nine-win season or won a share of a conference title during a six-year stretch since World War II was happening.

To put that in proper perspective: Color television wasn’t widely adopted in the United States until 1953. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman were presidents at the time of that streak. Basketball legend Larry Bird wouldn’t be born until 11 years after this streak ended. Jerry Jones was born in the middle of that stretch, in 1942.

That’s where the Razorbacks are right now. Is it the lowest point ever for the program? Probably not. But to fans, it probably feels that way.