From babysitting to recruiting: How Brooke Stepp joined Chad Morris’ staff

Brooke Stepp’s journey to the role of director of recruiting operations isn’t likely the norm for someone with her job title.

Click on the video below to hear her story in her own words:

Some highlights:

  • On the news Morris was the new high school coach in her town: “We found out that it was Coach Morris and he was 28 years old and it was huge news in our town. We met their family and I instantly fell in love with their little girl and I kind of became their babysitter.”
  • When she was originally asked about the job: “We were vacationing in Destin one summer and we all knew Coach Morris wanted to be a head coach, and he started talking to me about this role in recruiting and how he thought I would be good at it. I thought it was crazy, I thought I would be an accountant forever … I guess he recruited me that whole week I didn’t even know what he was doing but by the end of the week I was in.”
  • On when she accepted the job: “Two years later he got the job at SMU and he called me asking if I was ‘in.’ I said, ‘For sure. Just tell me when I need to be there.’”
  • “I was in from the beginning, it was like hopping on a roller coaster and it hasn’t stopped since.”